Blog Writing
Are you a blogger? Whether your blog is business blog or a personal blog, there are two common recurring problems all bloggers encounter during their blogging careers.

Firstly, a successful blog needs to be updated on a regular basis. Your posting schedule should be decided upon and adhered to. You can post several times daily, once daily, twice or thrice weekly, whatever you decide it is very important you stick to it.

Blog visitors have a sub-conscious ‘Come Back’ time programmed in their minds. They will note how often you post, will bookmark your RSS feed, and will also know when it is time for you to make a new post. While you do not have to be absolutely rigid about your updating times, to keep a loyal readership that is constantly growing, it is very important that you don’t disappoint them too often.

If there is a reason you will not be able to post for a while it is vital you warn your readers, and give them a date when you will be resuming your usual posting schedule. If you don’t do this and they keep checking back to find the same old last post, they will drop you from their bookmarks or feedreader, and that will be the end of that.

But what about if an emergency arises, or another business scenario has to take priority, and you can’t blog for several days or even weeks, and you haven’t warned your readers?

That is where we, the writers at come in. You will be assigned a writer who can either update your blog by imitating your writing style, or who can be introduced as a ‘guest blogger.’ Whatever suits you.

Which ever option you prefer, your writer will supply you with outstanding blog posts that will release some precious time for you and keep your readers captivated and subscribed to your feeds, eagerly waiting for your next update!

A second common problem faced by bloggers is continuously coming up with fresh ideas and newsworthy content for posts.

Even when you blog about a subject you love, constantly finding interesting topics to write about can be a daunting task. Some days you may find your mind is completely blank, and you end up not posting at all, or possibly even worse, you publish a sub-standard mediocre post.

Again, the solution is to give the job to We can supply you with a number of relevant posts to be used on those days when your mind goes-a-blank, or maybe to just want to give yourself a break to resume other tasks? We’ll take over the posting for you.

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