Web Content Writing
When you type a search query into Google, you can be sure of one thing, every time without fail. The web pages that appear in the top results on the coveted first page will have one factor in common – they will contain unique content written in a high quality informative style.

Many webmasters get so caught up in SEO, link building, page rank, and inserting cool little snippets of JavaScript they forget this one crucial fact. If you browse any of the top results on Google, for any search term you will consistently find the content is well written and informative.

Nobody knows what the technical algorithm Google uses to define quality content is; but it can’t be denied that it does an excellent job. The top results are typically pages that are updated frequently and very contextually relevant to the keyword. The articles contain useful, attention-grabbing information, and are written without spelling or grammar mistakes.

Having appealing content on your site will get you linked to by other sites, establish your site as an ‘authority’ and build your online brand name.

For most webmasters, continuously writing high-quality content simply isn’t feasible. Often they don’t have the writing skills, and even if they do, will never find the time to look after all aspects of their business and regularly produce their own articles. Many marketers are also juggling day jobs with looking after families, and they need to sleep sometimes.

The old solution to this problem was to go to a freelance site, and hire a writer to produce 20 or 30 articles based on a list of keywords. However, this has too become a minefield to be negotiated extremely carefully. While it is possible to find cheap providers who are willing to churn out articles at $2 a pop, it is extremely time consuming sifting through samples and portfolios, and when you do finally choose a writer, to discover their English is not up to the standard they led you to believe. In fact the only parts of the content that are coherent are the parts they plagiarized from other sites.

Do you think this ‘content’ will get distributed far and wide through social media sites such as Twitter, Digg, Mixx, Facebook and Reddit? You’re right, it won’t.

So when you need unique, quality, affordable content for your website and you need it quickly, what should you do?

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