Press Release Writing
One of the most effective and possibly the most overlooked method of getting literally thousands of high quality one way backlinks and visitors to your site is by submitting press or news releases.

Many press release sites have high page rank and you will get top quality backlinks from these sites. Additionally many media release sites have their press releases syndicated on hundreds, or if not thousands of other sites and blogs.

So just by submitting a press release to twenty or thirty news release sites, it could result in your press release being published not just on the sites you submitted to, but shared on a whole network of other sites.

Therefore not only will you receive your hundreds of back-links, your release will also have the potential of being clicked on by interested viewers, who will bookmark your site, sign up for your list or possibly purchase a product.

Even more interestingly, although there is no guarantee, your release has the possibility of being used as a media story by an important news or authority site.

As you see, even if your press release is not picked up by the large news sites, the SEO advantages of using press releases are enormous. However press releases are often overlooked as a marketing strategy due to lack of know how and misconceptions.

A common misconception is because a webmaster may only have a single small niche site, they wonder how they can write something of newsworthy value related to the site. Because they cannot think of anything newsworthy about their site, they assume it to be pointless to consider a press release.

Some webmasters are submitting press releases, but find their results mediocre. This is usually due to not realizing the art of writing an effective press release is highly specialized, and a well written media release is not usually something you can knock together in ten minutes without prior news release-writing knowledge.

Writing a press release is somewhat different to writing an article that would be used as general web content. A press release should be short and to the point, with its main purpose to provide news reporters and media professionals with the basic information they need to develop a newsworthy story.

Before you write and submit a press release you should know what a reporter might be looking for when browsing media releases and you should have a talent for repurposing a general topic into a newsworthy item. To learn this, you can buy one, or several expensive courses to study until you learn the art of writing a good press release.

Alternatively, you can save time, money and effort and simply hire to do the work for you!

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