Copywriting is the art of using the written word to promote or sell a product, a service or  a concept.

Copywriters write the words on billboards and ad pages you see in magazines. They write the direct mail ads you receive, and they write for fundraising projects. They write TV ads and jingles, and they write the script for the presenters on the late night shopping channels. Copywriters also write online sales pitches that you see numerous times daily while surfing the web.

For decades companies have used ad copy to make millions of dollars. Good copy has sold every thing from miracle weight loss products to tomato seeds. Copywriting skills have won political elections, and if the truth were to emerge, probably the odd war or two.

Have you ever found yourself pulling out your credit card to make a purchase on a product that you had not even known existed ten minutes previously? That was the work of a skilled copywriter.

The term ‘copywriter’ is sometimes used to describe a content provider or a freelance writer. Strictly speaking this is incorrect, as copywriting is a very specialized skill where the whole purpose of the copy is to persuade the prospect to complete a desired action – usually to buy a service or a product.

It is no secret among business owners that a very good product will not sell if the sales copy is badly written, although it is highly likely a very bad product will fly off the shelves if the copy is good enough.

While the design of your webpage or offline sales brochure is important, the sales copy is crucial. The words written on the page, and how they connect your prospective buyer to their emotions is what will make or break the sale, regardless of the stylish design and graphics used on your site or flyer.

Needless to say, the skill to write successful sales copy is not something most people are born with. While some people may have a natural flair for writing good copy and the ability to emotionally connect with buyers, generally to be a proficient copywriter takes years of study and practice.

Therefore if you write your own copy to sell your product or service, the sad fact is it will probably not achieve the results you desire. Perhaps you have already discovered this after much trial and error, or maybe you have a new product that you wish to promote and you are determined to execute your marketing campaigns correctly. can offer you copywriting services at an insanely competitive price, which is naturally very important if you are starting out, or you are on a tight budget.

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