Review Articles
Writing review articles is a popular method to attract visitors who are looking for information on a product or service. Because they are likely to land on your page after typing in a search query relevant to the product you are reviewing, the visitor is considered ‘warm,’ which implies they already have an interest in the product, therefore you only have to convince them it is worth their investment and direct them to your affiliate link on the page.

The concept is to hope the visitor likes your positive review, clicks on your link, makes the purchase and you will receive a commission.

Some years ago, this was a method to make a very viable income. However, these days the web is saturated with review sites and the average visitor is a lot more internet savvy, and is aware most reviews are written with the goal of making a sale, rather than a genuine desire to share experiences and information.

To write successful review articles, you need your article to be a combination of a genuine description of a product’s features, a portrayal of how the product can benefit a customer, and a report of any bad points that possibly should be taken into consideration.

To get the balance right is tricky – if you give a long narrative of a product’s features a reader may become bored, too many benefits can make a buyer suspicious that your review is not genuine, and a comprehensive list of bad points, is another no-no, however a mention of bad points should be included.

If you get this balance wrong, you are wasting many hours writing reviews for nothing – your articles won’t convert.

If you are finding your review articles don’t translate into commissions, you are probably not conveying yourself as an authority on the product. Or maybe your reviews don’t sound genuine, or they are just plain boring?

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