SEO Articles

What makes our SEO Content Writing So Special?

Each article that is written with our SEO writing service will be based off pre defined oceankeywords. We will write each article to be between 1% – 3% keyword density and we will follow SEO best practices when writing these articles.

Why is keyword density so important?

If you are trying to optimize for the keyword “Fast Red Cars” then you will want to produce the majority of your articles based on that particular keyword. It will not be good enough to produce articles based on “Red Cars” or “Fast Cars”.

This is critical, because you can optimize for keywords which are known to be proven money makers.

Another example might be optimizing for the keyword “Buy T-Shirt” vs. “Free T-shirt”.

Anyone typing in the keyword “Buy” is looking to spend money. While an individual typing in “Free” is obviously looking to keep their wallet close to their chest.

If you are unsure which keywords to select, our SEO experts can advise you on keywords to use. We will just need to know either your website or the basic product you want to optimize for.