Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why use Services?
Answer: Here at we only release work of impeccable quality at extremely affordable prices. With a quick turnaround time, and a growing team of experienced native English speakers, we believe our service is of unbeatable quality in the quality content marketplace, and we are confident you will agree along with many other of our long term clients.

Our motto ‘Valuable Content is King’ is evident in each and every piece of writing submitted to our clients.

Q: How long will it take to complete my order?
Answer: This will depend somewhat on the size of the order, and if the allocated writer of your assignment has a large order list. Generally speaking all orders are completed within 5-7 days, usually sooner. If in the very unlikely event there was to be a delay with your order you will be informed immediately.

Q: Who will write my articles?
Answer: Here at we have a permanent team of in-house writers, therefore your assignment will never be randomly outsourced to a freelancer. Depending on the nature of your content needs, the task will be assigned to the writer with the most expertise in your particular niche.

Q: Can I choose USA English / UK English writers for my articles?
Answer: Yes, if you need articles written specifically for a UK audience, we have several UK native writers on our staff and your articles can be assigned to a UK writer. By default our writers will write for a US audience, but if you have any preference on the nationality of the writer assigned to your task, please let us know, as we have writers from in several countries around the globe among our team.

Q: Can I request a review if I don't like the articles?
Answer: In the case of the extremely unlikely scenario that you are not entirely happy with the articles supplied by the writer assigned to your task, you can certainly request your assignment to be rewritten. However, for obvious reasons, we can only rewrite the content one time.

Be sure when you place your order to include as many details or instructions as you can, and we can assure you you will be more than happy with the work you receive!

Q: Can I hire a full time writer?
Answer: Certainly. In order to keep a continuous flow, many of our customers prefer to work with the same writer. This is particularly the case if you are using a writer as a ghost blogger, as it is quite important the style of writing should be consistent.

If you would like to a full-timer writer please contact us describing your needs.

Q: Why do we need content writing?
Answer: In recent years, the internet has become flooded with audio and video. Images have always been an important part of the internet experience, however at the heart of it all the web remains a writing medium.

At the heart of every web session, the written word is the focus of the experience. No matter how many videos you watch, how much music you listen to, every time to log on to the internet you will still be reading an awful lot of words.

As the search engines become more particular about the type of content they display to searchers it has never been more important to supply you visitors with outstanding written content.

Q: Why is SEO Articles different to other forms of writing?
Answer: Search Engine Optimized articles are written in a way that will entice the search engine spiders to recognize your content as relevant to the keyword the searcher has used and place your content at the top of the search results.

A SEO article will contain the correct amount of keywords in the body of the article, plus relevant LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.

The search engine always wants to give the most relevant result possible to a searcher, therefore we write our articles in a way that ensures the search engines find the content very relevant to the keyword, which of course also makes the article very useful to the reader.

Q: Who should develop SEO Articles?
Answer: Any webmaster or blogger who wishes to receive free traffic from search engines should be using search engine optimized content.

If you content isn’t optimized, the search engines will not think it the most relevant to the chosen keyword, and you will find your pages and posts way down on the listings, which will result in few visitors.

However interesting your content may be – visitors first have to be able to find it, therefore SEO is very important to your marketing strategy.

Q: Should Online Content be Changed frequently?
Answer: While you do not have to change existing content frequently, it is very important to add fresh content to your site. If users return to find the same content, or new visitors only find old news that can be found all over the net, you have lost a visitor for good.

You should be aiming to supply your visitors, and the search engine spiders with fresh relevant content to keep them interested and coming back for more, and also to establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Q: Does Search Engine Optimization require content writing services?
Answer: If you do not know anything about SEO it is very difficult to write a SEO article. However there are many course and websites that will teach you how to write in a fashion to attract the search engine spiders.

However there is a learning curve, and most website owners find it easier to leave the content providing to the experts leaving them with more time to deal with other aspects of their business.

Q: What is the difference between a copywriter and a web content writer? Answer: Some times the term copywriter is used to describe a content or SEO writer, but strictly speaking this is incorrect. A copywriter will use the written word to entice the reader to perform a certain action, usually to subscribe to a service or buy a product.

An SEO or content writer will use their work to attract search engine spiders and human visitors, and generally keep the reader’s attention and interest.

Q: How does your process work?
Answer: When you have chosen the service you require, click the order form, and fill out the required information fields.

As soon as we receive confirmation of your payment and the details of the assignment the task will be forwarded to the writer with the most relevant experience for your particular type of work.

The writer will complete the work and return the articles to We then do a full quality check and when we are satisfied the articles meet our strict criteria, we will email them to you, the client.

Q: How do I get started?
Answer: Firstly you will need to be as detailed as possible when describing your needs. If possible include the type of audience you hope to be reaching, and if relevant supply us with the URLs of any sites where you will be publishing the content.

So, to get started simply choose which of our services best fits your content needs, and click Order Now!